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It's all leading somewhere, it all comes together..

You learn something from everything.. It’s all leading somewhere, it all comes together. Everyone says this, and it can be difficult to receive when you’re working jobs you don’t want or spending your days in ways that feel futile... But even still I believe it’s true. I believe it’s all serving a purpose, if only to teach me about people. If nothing else. Knowing this rainbow spectrum of crazy beautiful people across the random selection of jobs I’ve worked is.. Invaluable.

Especially if I am making art that I hope will somehow speak to these generations of my time. 

And all these circumstances of course also serve to challenge and grow the depth and character of my soul.. This in itself, as well, is everything.

Maybe it’s all coming together to finally make me someone who can speak in defense of my art. 

Maybe it’s all coming together to make my career. Or to enable me to take the opportunities available..

And if it’s only coming together to make me into the image of the God I serve, into a clearer, more pristine and accurate and lovely reflection of His face… Then that alone is everything. And this one thing is absolutely true even if nothing else. Nothing else is guaranteed, but nothing else matters.

How wild that the only thing that matters is the one thing I’m promised.