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About the Artist

The art I create is about movement and heart. Inner life and outward expression. The intersection of a philosophical nature with my early years in classical dance training. The art I create seeks to reach and speak into the human experience while capturing moments of breath and movement and physicality. 

The strength and grace felt within the movements of a dance, deep within the muscular structure, seek to come forth through each work I create. Each stroke is a gesture of expression, a movement performed in the moment, which leaves a mark and expresses something of my heart. Beneath the gestures can be seen the passions of the soul. The beauty of painting is manifest when all these movements, all these marks, come together, arranging themselves one over another, correcting and blurring, rethinking and reiterating each other. You can see a thousand live performances overlaid in transparent layers. And so the mystery and the love of each moment is multiplied. 

After all of this, the viewer comes to it. And beauty and the essence of art is intensified all the more through the experience of the viewer. This is to me the most mysterious and important element within any work: the intangible exchange which exists between artist and viewer. The artist expressing, the viewer experiencing. And the two can be absolutely unrelated; what the one receives may be nothing like what the other intended. This speaks to the inherent uniqueness of each individual, and the validity of all experiences. But it’s about the heart. And while no one can fully know the heart of another, art has the ability speak to and from all our hearts to express something beyond any of us.